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OK has this been asked before as A log parser by Magelo seems like a perfect fit. I would suggest 2 versions one for stats that are not session or real time related and you can upload log when u sync and the other specifically for session related numbers, dps ranking of the group etc.

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Hi Llaine,

We would definitely like to be able to assist guilds during their raids and being able to have some raid analytics is one piece of the puzzle. In the coming months we hope to be able to move forward into that direction.

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I so like that Idea. Magelo do a great job for profile, wouldn't be great to have it do a DPS parser and all those to, it would make more people subscribe I think

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Maybe even have an area in the profile that we could choose to display top parses (mob, date/time) on our authentic profiles.

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Magelo, when you can as an example look at as I use Gamparse.