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ok ive ben reading some topic in this section and i see no acual talk about ingame wow its more talk about issues and problems regarding security and errors...not that i dont like that but u could make a wow run/program/errors etc related....eeee how do u call that

i have a in game WOW related question. just started with an undead priest and im curious couse smite is a holy spell and does holly dmg. is the bonus dmg 4 those spell calculated trought bonus heal? and how do u get holy resistance.... tho then u would acualy resist heal....just a tought O_O :D


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smite is a holy spell and does holly dmg. is the bonus dmg 4 those spell calculated trought bonus heal? No, it's calculated true holy dmg (yes it exists)

and you can get holy rissistance but you never could block a heal


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ok but nowere can i see bonus holy dmg only fire,shadow,arcane,nature and frost where is the holly dmg as well as the resistance?


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I've never seen bonus holy dmg on any items either. I think the only thing you could get is the non-specific +spell dmg. Also I've never seen Holy resistance on anything. If there is I would be interested in seeing it.

My Priest is lvl 42 right now. By lvl 37 I had +43 spell dmg. The nice thing about that was it worked for holy or shadow spells. That boosted my SW Pain by about 30 points a tic and smite 43 per cast. At lvl 42 SW: Pain has +40 a tic added (+50 bonus spell dmg) so in total it does about 1000dmg with 2 points in Improved SW: Pain. Thats 300dmg over base and you can use that dmg towards your holy spells too. So I wouldn't get to wraped up in specific types of dmg unless you are going to be a shadow priest (since they can only use shadow spells anyhow). I think if you go to they give a breakdown of how +spell dmg actually works for different spells.

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There was a cape in Kara that was +holy spell damage pre-3.0.
Holy resistance pieces I personally have never seen and I've been playing for 3 1/2 years.