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Magelo Sync

Magelo Sync lets you synchronize your characters, access many great tools and information on the website and keep the database up to date.
Download Magelo Sync
Character synchronization

Magelo Sync is a quick and easy way to synchronize your characters whenever you want and as much as you want (multi boxing and offline characters are supported).

 Equipment, Statistics, PvP, Inventory, Talents, Achievements, Glyphs, 3D model,...
 Dual spec, druid forms, death knight presences, warrior stances

Contextual related information

When you are playing, Magelo Sync provides some shortcuts to our database on contextual information directly related to your character. In real time, you can learn more about:

 The zone where you are     Your current target     Your quests

Quick search

At the bottom of Magelo Sync there is a "Quick search" bar to help you find in one click information in our database such as NPCs, items, spells,...

Database update

You can contribute to keep the database up to date running Magelo Sync while you play. As soon as Magelo Sync detects your character in game, the database will be updated with the items you loot, the location of NPCs around you,…

How to create your character's profile, signature and avatar?

 Download and Install Magelo Sync.
 Log your character into the game and let Magelo Sync detect it.
 Click on the "Sync now!" button and that's it!

 View the detail of your character Log off

Technical requirements

 Operating System: Windows (Import Armory is available for Mac users)
 Java Runtime Environment (JRE): Java 8.0 64-bit version installed on your computer. > Download Java now
Download Magelo Sync